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This is a purely equipment leasing company that provides succor to the discerning individuals and organizations, by making available for their use, the appliances required at home for individuals.

Woodbridge also enables the expansion in equipment for companies and granting the convenience of installment repayment at a premium over an agreed period according to their income

Our products includes 

  • Small Ticket Leasing: Home and Office Equipment Leasing.
  • Equipment Acquisition Scheme for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.
  • Equipment Acquisition Scheme for Cooperative Societies (EASC).
  • Public Sector backed Equipment financing. 
  • Lease a Car Scheme / Car Rentals
  • Agricultural Equipment Acquisition Scheme
  • Educational Supports Scheme

Lease What You Need When You Need It

For years, WOODBRIDGE has been helping individuals & companies within and outside Lagos acquire the equipment they need.


We provide lifecycle solutions and smart leasing options for a wide range of individuals, industries and organizations. Our customers range from hospitals and schools, to law firms, manufacturers and retail stores.


Whether you need PCs and laptops, other computer hardware, forklifts or hospital beds, you can lease it all from WOODBRIDGE. And because we are independent of vendors and manufacturers, you have the freedom to choose any brand of equipment you like.


No matter what your industry or equipment needs are, WOODBRIDGE can provide a solution that works for you. 

Technology Changes, So Should Your Lease

WOODBRIDGE has specialized in technology leasing for since inception. Therefore, our experts know the industry inside and out. We understand having up-to-date technology is a necessity for any successful organization.


Whether you have one office or hundreds around the world, WOODBRIDGE can develop a lease program that fits your needs and budget. And because we are independent of vendors and manufacturers, you can lease any brand of technology you like.


Examples of the technology we lease: PCs; Laptops; Tablets & Phones; Servers and storage; Routers; Networking equipment; Telecommunications; Printers and multifunction printers; Copiers ; Smartphones; Multimedia equipment

Healthcare Equipment Leasing

Cash flow shouldn’t dictate patient care

We know the financial concerns facing healthcare organizations today. Many issues can affect a hospital’s budget, yet top of the line equipment is still necessary in order to provide excellent patient care.


WOODBRIDGE offers flexible and customized lease solutions that help you overcome these challenges. We lease a wide variety of healthcare equipment including EHR, diagnostic imaging, oncology, surgical, biomedical and more. 


Our lease options help match costs to revenue projections, conserve cash, and minimize clinical, technical and operational obsolescence. WOODBRIDGE prides as the perfect solution for healthcare organizations.

Media & Entertainment Equipment Leasing

Keeping up with an industry that constantly evolves

Technology changes at such a rapid rate. No one knows that better than the media and entertainment industry. In order to stay competitive, you need access to the latest and greatest equipment. 


Don’t let budget restrictions keep you from having a state of the art studio or delivering new content and programming.


Leasing with WOODBRIDGE allows you to build your system with equipment from multiple vendors and manufacturers. You can structure lease terms to meet your budget or plan for upgrades as needs change.


WOODBRIDGE knows your industry. We understand your workflow and the equipment that supports it. Our vast knowledge and experience with technology leasing allows us to respond to today’s rapidly changing media environment. 


Whether you are in live broadcast, production, distribution, display, exhibition or professional sports. WOODBRIDGE has a leasing solution that will work for you


Government & Education Leasing

Public or private, WOODBRIDGE has a lease solution for you.

It’s no secret that budget dictates most planning in government and educational institutions. Technology and equipment are no exception. To stretch budget, many turn to leasing to acquire the equipment they need. 


WOODBRIDGE serves educational institutions through strategic relationships with various vendors, dealers and distributors of essential capital equipment and services. . 

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